Annie – Bailee McMillin
Oliver Warbucks – Dylan Allen
Grace Ferrell – Lauren Williams
Aggie Hannigan – Maya Cervantes
Rooster – Braden Kiesel
Lily St. Regis – Kinzey Baker

The Orphans
          Pepper – Lydia Chaffee
          July – Autumn Moore
          Duffy – Kamiah Felver
          Tessie – Maddie Carney
          Caroline – Laura Music
          Kate – Falynn Schumacher
          Jane – Lindsay Tackett
          Molly – Jaleigh Riddle

Drake – Sam Deppen
Mrs. Pugh – Izzy Lucha
Bert Healy/President Roosevelt – Bryan Chaffee
Frances Perkins – Katie Hignett
Cordell Hull/Officer Ward – AJ Carney
Mr. Bundles – Hunter Caudill

Warbucks Mansion Staff -Debbie Rusynyk, Brooklyn Kooken, Cheyanne Coffman, Olivia Hudson, Gracye Powell

Citizens of NYC – Stephanie Steward, Roxanne Wilson, Autumn 
Fry, Hannah Hess, Kaili Ingram, Lauren Ingram

Many roles will be double- and triple-cast. You will all be busy for the entire show! Mrs. Seidel and I thank everybody who prepared and came out for auditions.