Please look for your name in more than one place! Several roles are double- and triple-cast.

Also — EVERYONE whose name is listed below is in the Company.



Sky Masterson – Bryan Chaffee
Sarah Brown – Lauren Williams
Nathan Detroit – Dylan Allen
Miss Adelaide – Bailee McMillin
Nicely Nicely Johnson – William Kale
Arvide Abernathy – Samuel Deppen
Lieutenant Brannigan – Lydia Chaffee
Benny Southstreet – Wyatt Hall
Agatha – Olivia Hudson
The General – Cheyanne Coffman

The Gangsters
          Big Jule – Maya Cervantes
          Harry (later to be renamed) – Kamiah Felver
          Angie the Ox – AJ Carney

The Gamblers
          Chris Case, Alex Kooken, Evan Arnold, Trevor Hudson, Lauren Ingram, Alex Hamons

The Saints (Members of the Save-A-Soul Mission)
           Cheyanne Coffman, Katie Hignett, Gracelyn Lamoreaux, Emily Lamoreaux, Eli Furr, Izzy Lucha, Kaili Ingram, Jaleigh Riddle, Hannah Hess

The HotBox Girls
            Alex Kooken, Jaleigh Riddle, Alivia Walcher, Izzy Lucha, Hannah Hess, Falynn Schumacher, Mya Oney, Olivia Hudson

Also — EVERYONE whose name is listed above is in the Company.